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MAEKAN COO Scott Masek on Succeeding as a Startup

You could argue in recent podcasts that I have focused a little bit more on the form than the function when it comes to guests of late. That is certainly not to belittle the business acumen of the individuals I’ve spoken to previously but to date our guests have by and large been the creative driving forces behind their respective brands. 

Today is a little different, however, as I sit down to chat with Scott Masek, Chief Operating Officer (...


Caleb Flowers of Hathenbruck on the Importance of Conversation & Physical Experience in Retail

When I reached out to Caleb it was as a genuine fan of Hathenbruck, not only as a brand but as a business model. I found it interesting that, from the outside, Hathenbruck appeared to have a unique and somewhat atypical emphasis on its physical retail store, tucked away in a somewhat remote corner o...


Dan Hall on Balancing Creativity with Business

Dan Hall, often referred to by his creative moniker @decaturdan, is the Founder of Los Angeles based creative studio, Where It’s Greater. Specialising in commercial projects, Dan has worked with several of the world’s most respected brands including Nike, Beats by Dre, Gucci and Red Bull. Such opportunities do not happen by chance; Dan’s path from hiphop videographer to commercial photographer and...


The Freelancer's Problem According to Seth Godin

The following article is an extract from a recent Tim Ferriss podcast with Seth Godin. An incredibly successful author and marketeer, Seth shared some incredible insight with regards to building a client portfolio that is challenging, fulfilling and financially ...


Benjamin Edgar On Raising Capital For Start-ups

The following article is an extract from an interview recorded with Benjamin Edgar, serial entrepreneur and quintessential polymath, whose ongoing projects range from industry disruptors th-oughts and Boxed Water to his abstract namesake brand, “BENJAMIN EDGAR, object company”....


Episode 02 Nathan Haley

“Just get it done. I like to simplify. There’s a lot of people I’ve helped start a business — they think it’s impossible. It’s just overthinking. What are you waiting for?”

I had the good fortune to be able to grab an hour with Nathan Haley (@nathshapes) a few weeks back. Sitting in his barbershop which he co-owns with Tom Burbidge, we talked in great depth about Nathan's personal business journey and his admirable ability to pursue h...


Episode 01 Cole Buxton

In our new podcast interview series, Andy sits down with clients and individuals in the creative industries we love to work with. Shedding light on the financial and logistics side of their businesses, we look to show the realities, both positive and negative, of the entrepreneur's journey.

Sitting down with British menswear designer, Cole Buxton, this episode offers a very unique perspective of a brand and designer still in the formative stages an...


If You Work in E-Commerce, This Cash Flow Hack Could Really Help

If you are familiar with my content, you will have likely heard me espouse the importance of cash flow on more than one occasion.

Today, I want to touch on the practical application of good cash flow management by a client of mine, Cole Buxton.

Cole is the founder of Cole Buxton, a luxury c...


How To Delight Your Customers By Saying Less

When it comes to business, complex tactics are abound, however, today I wanted to share perhaps the simplest yet most effective business tip I know.

It is highly practical and requires no additional effort, however, it does require restraint and discipline.

When you first engage a customer or client, the temptation is to throw everything you’ve got at them in order to win their business. You promise the world, confident in th...