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Episode 02 Nathan Haley

“Just get it done. I like to simplify. There’s a lot of people I’ve helped start a business — they think it’s impossible. It’s just overthinking. What are you waiting for?”

I had the good fortune to be able to grab an hour with Nathan Haley (@nathshapes) a few weeks back. Sitting in his barbershop which he co-owns with Tom Burbidge, we talked in great depth about Nathan's personal...

Episode 01 Cole Buxton

In our new podcast interview series, Andy sits down with clients and individuals in the creative industries we love to work with. Shedding light on the financial and logistics side of their businesses, we look to show the realities, both positive and negative, of the entrepreneur's journey.

Sitting down with British menswear designer, Cole Buxton, this episode offers a very unique perspective o...