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Caleb Flowers of Hathenbruck on the Importance of Conversation & Physical Experience in Retail

When I reached out to Caleb it was as a genuine fan of Hathenbruck, not only as a brand but as a business model. I found it interesting that, from the outside, Hathenbruck appeared to have a unique and somewhat atypical emphasis on its physical retail store, tucked away in a somewhat remote corner of the world, withdrawn from the usual locations that such brands pop up.

Despite a relative dearth of information about Caleb on the internet, having noticed that he had recently joined Benjamin Edgar’s alternative education platform, th-oughts, I was hopeful that he might be interested in a chat about his personal business journey and to perhaps shed some further light on the business of Hathenbruck which, fortunately for me, he was.

And the business of Hathenbruck certainly is interesting — despite being very much grounded in streetwear, Hathenbruck is something of a throwback to businesses of old with a genuine emphasis on conversing with each and every customer that “comes thru” to the Salt Lake City based brick-and-mortar store.

I have to say I came away from this conversation feeling genuinely inspired and refreshed by Caleb’s authentic and innovative approach to business and entrepreneurship. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

You can listen to our conversation below or on your preferred platform of choice.

Hosted by Andy Williamson
Audio by Elphick Wo
Photos by Thomas Welch