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MAEKAN COO Scott Masek on Succeeding as a Startup

You could argue in recent podcasts that I have focused a little bit more on the form than the function when it comes to guests of late. That is certainly not to belittle the business acumen of the individuals I’ve spoken to previously but to date our guests have by and large been the creative driving forces behind their respective brands. 

Today is a little different, however, as I sit down to chat with Scott Masek, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of MAEKAN. If you’re familiar with Active Accounts, you will likely have heard me mention MAEKAN before as something of an inspiration for this very podcast. Much like ourselves, MAEKAN seeks to serve the creative community, primarily through visual and audio platforms, covering a multitude of topics that do not typically feature in mainstream media.

With a background in investment banking and the corporate world, Scott now finds himself in the throws of start-up culture and with that he brings a unique perspective in this podcast on best practice for start-ups and entrepreneurs — whether that’s how best to communicate your business value proposition or his approach to growing a global client portfolio.

You can listen to our conversation below or on your preferred platform of choice.

Hosted by Andy Williamson
Audio by Elphick Wo
Photos by MAEKAN